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About Foreign Food Mart
The rapid progresses of the Korean economy in the late 1990s invited people from around the world who had migrated to Korea for multi-purpose business or activities.

Starting the Halal Food business and importing food from other countries was not an easy task. So, in Ansan we established a shop named “Country Food” that focused on Halal Food in 1996.

Later in 2003, we opened another shop named “Foreign Food Mart” in Itaewon. Moreover, we started to collect and import different international foods and Halal foods from multiple nationalities around the world. Our purpose was to bring food items that were unavailable in Korea as the foreign population grew in size, more people were searching for homemade flavor and taste of foods from their mother homeland.

Moreover, Koreans were also interested in tasting dishes from other countries and recipes. Especially Indian, Arabian and Italian Foods With this in mind, we established a restaurant “Foreign Restaurant” based on Indian and Arabian fusion. It gives an invitation to tourists and Koreans who want to enjoy the taste of authentic countryside dishes.

As you know, we are the leader and pioneer in the wholesale Halal food Business for many different brands.

HALAL food and other foreign food items in Korea are widely available and can be shipped quickly to any region in Korea.


Everything from your daily groceries,
as well as wide range of cosmetics and daily necessities.

You will find an assortment of fresh, frozen, dried and tinned items of superior quality.

For better and faster service!

We opened our online version Foreign Food

We hope it will serve your purpose now and in the future.
If you have any question or concern, please do not hesitate to call us at 02-793-0082,
or contact us via email at